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Routine Eye Exams

Adult and Pediatric Eye Exams

     Dr. Rodrigues provides eye examinations for patients of all ages, from children as young as 6 months old to adults 80 years and up.  No matter what stage of life you are in, you can be assured that you will receive attentive, personalized eye care to suit your ever changing lifestyle.

     There are very few periods in life where clarity in vision remain constant.  If you think your vision has changed, or haven't had an eye exam in at least 2 years, schedule and appointment today to ensure the continued health of your eyes.

     With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it has become imperative that your child's vision, eye-tracking and eye-focusing skills are at their appropriate development.  Deficiencies in these areas can result in poor reading skills, reduced work and academic performance, fatigue and headaches.

Pediatric Comprehensive Exams

     Children rely on their eyes for the majority of learning they do.  Starting from birth, eyes provide vital information about the world around us, including the faces of our family, shapes and colors of everyday objects, Clear and comfortable vision is needed to learn to read, perform well in school and in sports.  A comprehensive pediatric eye exam will evaluate your child's vision, provide a prescription for glasses if needed, check depth perception and color vision, make sure all the structures of the eyes are developing properly and rule out an hereditary eye diseases that may cause vision problems.

     A comprehensive eye exam should be performed at 6 months of age, 3 years of age, before entering Pre-K or Kindergarten, and every 2 years unless there is a visual problem or a pre-existing eye condition.

Adult Comprehensive Exams

     A comprehensive eye exam is much more than checking to see if you have perfect vision.  Consistent, competent examination of you cornea, retina, depth perception, eye movements and vision are necessary to maintain a good bill of eye health.  During a comprehensive yearly examination, your eyes will be evaluated for good vision, and provided a glasses prescription if needed, dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts and other eye conditions that may impede vision.

     A comprehensive eye exam should be performed every year for at risk patients.  This includes patients who have a high prescription, have a history of family eye conditions, or patients that are currently being followed for medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes.

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