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Diabetic Eye Exams


Diabetes, Diabetic eye exam

     At Ossining Family Optometry, we take diabetes extremely seriously.  That is why your examination will always include a thorough dilated eye examination, and an explanation of your condition and potential warning signs.  Information is the most important gift we can provide our patients to ensure that their condition remains under control so they remain healthy.

     Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects how your body breaks down sugar. When food is digested, sugar (glucose) is released.  Insulin, a naturally occurring hormone within your body, regulates the mount of sugar released into your blood stream.  Too much sugar in your blood stream can cause damage to organs.  Diabetes is becoming more prevalent in our society, with a national average of 6.5% of people diagnosed with diabetes in 2015.  Over 30 million Americans suffer from Diabetes every day, and 90% of those cases are Type II Diabetes.  Risk factors for diabetes include being overweight, being over 45 years of age, having a parent or sibling with diabetes and being active less than 3 days a week (CDC).
     Diabetes effects the blood vessels within the body, causing damage to numerous organs throughout the body, and especially within the eyes. Because of the complications of this condition, it is important to have check your blood sugar regularly (with your doctor and with a home glucose meter), and receive a diabetic eye examination at least once a year to ensure your vision and ocular health remain at its best.

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